From our beginning in 2001, Natural Salads outstanding as a company with a strong path, dedicate to harvest and handling of great quality fruits and vegetables, iceberg lettuce, roman lettuce, celery, watermelon among others.

Our target is to give full service to our customer, that’s why we take care of packaging and distribution of our products. To achive our target, we have the best resources and technicals means in our modern facilities where we process the harvested crops. We have automatic bagging machine, elevated distribution belts, automatic palletizers, cold stores and fast cooling tunnels, among other equipment, all of them perfectly adapted to our products.

Nowadays our daily workers reach more than 500 persons all distributed in our departments of managment, administration, quality and control technicians and skilled workers. We know that our people is one of our most valuable resources to follow with our consistent grow and development as a company.

Natural Salads satisfy all european’s normative and expectations of quality, service and guarantee of our customers.

Profesionales Natural Salads




Global G.A.P.

M&S - Field to Fork

We have a clear vision of the future and with an interanational proyection. We export our fruits and vegetable to different countries in the european union. We are sure that following our corporative philosophy we will continue reaching to different markets that demand fresh product and with a great quality.

“Our own crops allow us to ensure the fresh and the great flavour in our products”

One of our main competitive advantages as company leader of the fruits and vegetables sector lies in the location of our farms strategically located in the southeast of Spain and with an extension of more than 2500ha. Our mission is to ensure the quality of the  production in all the steps, therefore, we control since the seedling to the harvest, planting and even the water supply. All our products undergo rigorous quality controls performed during cultivation and through soil and water analysis.

Linea de procesado Natural Salads

We have a total processing area of 14400 m2 with a production capacity of 50000 crates per working day. Our four processing lines handle the harvested crops and are equipped with 110 work counters, automatic bagging machines, air conveyors, automatic strapping machines, cardboard box assemblers, automatic palletizers, case stackers, conveyors belts, elevetad distribution belts, automation devices and computer control equipment, as well as extensive cold stores and fast cooling tunnels, among other equipment. Similarly, we have 33 automatic shipping bays with covered loading and unloading areas for trucks so that we can efficiently distribute products from our warehouse to our customers throughout Europe, guaranteeing that the goods remain intact during transport.

Our mission is to produce healthy food, respecting the environment and getting them to reach our customers in the best conditions of taste, quality and freshness.

We seek to continue our growing as a company and with us also our goals. We work in the present looking to the future.

Natural & Salads ¡Fresh flavour, from our fields to your table!


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